New Book of Victorian Characters on Kickstarter - NOW!

I'm running a Kickstarter to self-publish my new book of hand-drawn, inky Victorian Oddballs. It's already fully funded and heading towards its Stretch Goals - Huzzah!

Take a peek at the Curious Crowd if you dare!!!


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100 Days of the Macabre

100 Days of the Macabre

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100 Days of Mystery Art Book

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Rumpus T-Shirt

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Top Trumpington Card Set

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Inktober Inklings Zine

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Bertram Fiddle Colouring Book

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Spooky Sticker Sheet

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Puzzles! Pigeons! And Puns!

Take a journey deep into Victorian London with Bertram Fiddle. Explore secret passages, discover hidden objects, meet suspicious characters, solve befuddling puzzles and cringe at puns more terrible than ever as you unravel the mysteries of A Bleaker Predicklement.

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The Greatest Comedy Murder Mystery Adventure set in Victorian London you will ever play!

At long, long, long last Bertram Fiddle is back! Unfortunately, due to unsufficient Expeditioning Opportunities he is currently working at Dulsworth’s Adequate Soap Factory… but not all is as it seems and the rumble of an Adventure once more begins.

85% historically inaccurate.

A Bleaker Predicklement is Inspired by Victorian novels, Hammer Horror and Monty Python. It is literally bursting with pre-Brexit British Humour.

This installment concludes the story started in Episode 1 of the Adventures of Bertram Fiddle, but is a stand-alone game. With almost 60 scenes, a unique jazz-prog infused soundtrack and fully voiced characters this Adventure can truly be described as epic!

Now Available on Nintendo Switch!

Both Episode 1 and 2 are now available to play on Nintendo Switch! Huzzah!




When can I buy this fantastic game?

The Adventure has begun! It is now released into the wild!

What platforms is A Bleaker Predicklement on?

There are a plethora of places you can purchase A Bleaker Predicklement. Please peruse and pick your preference. 

Steam - Download from Steam - COMING SOON!
- The App Store   
- Gamejolt - COMING SOON!

It will also be released on Android in the very, very near future

Who is the genius behind this amazing game?

The Adventures of Bertram Fiddle are produced by Rumpus Animation. A wonderful animation studio nestled in the heart of Bristol. The games are written and designed by Seb Burnett, one of Rumpus'ses's founders. Seb is a shy and retiring genius who doesn't like to blow his own massive trumpet. He is best known for the countless sticker books he drew for Usborne featuring his trademark funny noses

What languages is A Bleaker Predicklement available in?

The game has full English voice acting and has subtitles in the following languages








Missed Episode 1?

A Dreadly Business - If you, like the 7.2 billion other people in the World, haven't played Episode 1 yet then here is your chance. Find out how Bertram got into this predicklement in the original, award-winning Adventure!

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