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Greetings again, Adventure Fans. Today I am able to share something very exciting concerning the Voice Overs for Episode 2. So please get ready to share this news and help us reach our funding target for A Bleaker Predicklement As story and character is so integral to our game getting the right actors and actresses […]

16 October 2015 // Seb Burnett
ep2 poster ks

EPISODE 2 UPDATE Our kickstarter has now launched! And we managed to reach 20% of our goal in 48 hours! Help us, click to back the project now. Huzzah! At long last we are able to say that Episode 2 is on its way! After spending the last 6 months working in Dulsworth’s Soap Factory […]

02 October 2015 // Seb Burnett

Here you go Adventure Fans. Listen to a mix of epic tunes from Bertram’s soundtrack. Including Lord Arthwipe’s Parlour, Lady Ravisham’s Passage and Man-eating Plant. Our soundtrack was composed by the amazing Cameron Reynolds who used all of his Jazz-Wizard skills to make a sinister, exciting and sometimes arousing accompaniment to our Adventure Game. So […]

20 May 2015 // Seb Burnett

  Huzzah! The Adventures of Bertram Fiddle won the Best Narrative Award at the Tokyo Indie Fest held in Akihabara earlier this month. Shintaro and Ryosuke from Chorus Worldwide, who are publishing Bertram on mobile in Asia, took our game there and said we got a great response from everyone. And just check out the […]

// Seb Burnett
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Huzzahs all round! My Adventure Game is now on the Steam Store and has been doing very well already. We’ve added localisation in Russian, Spanish and Japanese for the launch and are translating into German as we speak. Strangely, though Bartmann Fritzel has disappeared since all that hullabaloo the other day. Very weird… As a […]

03 April 2015 // Seb Burnett
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Guten Morgen Everybody. We have some very exciting news for you all on this very special day. As you know we have been trying to launch on Steam for a while now and we can now announce that it will be happening THIS WEEK! Hopefully tomorrow on the 2nd, but it depends on it passing […]

01 April 2015 // Seb Burnett

We are very excited to announce that Episode 1 of The Adventures of Bertram Fiddle is now available for Windows from the AdventureGamers new store right here AdventureGamers has been the leading site for information about Adventure and Point and Click games for the last 15 years and the store will be dedicated exclusively to […]

09 March 2015 // Seb Burnett

Young Alexander Birke went to Casual Connects in Amsterdam in January to showcase our game and whilst he was there gave a talk on workflow optimisation. Gamesauce had a chat with him afterwards and have written a lovely article about him We also were nominated for best narrative in the Indie Prize competition. Which […]

04 March 2015 // Seb Burnett
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Our friends at Skwigly Online Animation Magazine have dedicated an episode of their regular mini-doc Lightbox to Bertram Fiddle. See an interview with Seb Burnett (the brain behind Bertram’s world), get some insight into the characters history and how the game was put together over the last 18 months.

23 December 2014 // harry
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Watch a special Christmas video message from Bertram.

18 December 2014 // harry