Bartmann Helmets

Guten Morgen Everybody.

We have some very exciting news for you all on this very special day. As you know we have been trying to launch on Steam for a while now and we can now announce that it will be happening THIS WEEK! Hopefully tomorrow on the 2nd, but it depends on it passing it’s Steam MOT, so may be a day or 2 later.

But the other, even MORE exciting news is that we are now partnering with Deck13 Games an amazing German developer and publisher who were voted Studio of the Year in 2014 in the German Developer Awards. They are helping us to publish and market the game on Steam and we are very grateful to have someone with their experience and knowledge backing us.

There will be a few changes from today, though, to help make this game more relevant and popular in Germany, which is one of the biggest markets for comedy Adventure games. So, with respect to this and at Deck13’s insistence we are changing the name of the game to “Die Abenteuer Von Bartmann Fritzel”. The Lead Character will now be known as Bartmann Fritzel and his manservant is called Heiko. We were a little unsure about these changes at first, but Deck13 assure us that this will help make the game much better.

You can now follow Bertram, I mean, Bartmann on twitter @BartmannFritzel. Do NOT follow @BertramFiddle anymore.

Bartmann Twitter


01 Apr 2015