Greetings again, Adventure Fans.

Today I am able to share something very exciting concerning the Voice Overs for Episode 2. So please get ready to share this news and help us reach our funding target for A Bleaker Predicklement

As story and character is so integral to our game getting the right actors and actresses to play their parts has always been really important to us. We’re fortunate in that we know some very talented people who were able to bring Episode 1 to life. Our friends, Louis Jones from Sun and Moon Studios (who is also the voice of Timmy the Sheep in Aardman Animation’s Timmy Time) Tom Parkinson, Aidan Larkin aka Count Skylarkin, Kate Davies, Sally Bailey, Christina Dejuan, Ben Mitchell, Matthew the Horse and even our very own Dan Emmerson all provided voices for A Dreadly Business. And I’m happy to say they will be back in Episode 2 providing voices for all your favourite characters. Like Pokey Mary.

But I am also very happy to announce some new special guests who have agreed to join our Adventure and make it even bigger and better and funnier than before!

First up is our hilarious and extremely talented friend Greig Johnson. He is a supremely talented actor, writer, film-maker, comedian and action hero. If you aren’t following his Youtube Channel you are missing out. Eclectic Schlock

Everything he does is GENIUS!

But wait! It gets even more exciting. Not only is Greig joining us, but none other than the legendary Steampunk flavoured Mad Professor of Hip Hop Professor Elemental has agreed to join our merry band of Adventurers and provide us with a cameo and some silly voices for the plethora of new characters in Episode 2.

This is very exciting as we are big fans of the Professor here at Rumpus and share a common interest in Adventure, cups of tea and terrible jokes.

And! AND!!! As if all that wasn’t enough to get your knickers in a twist about A Bleaker Predicklement I can now reveal that comedy legends Trevor and Simon are going to be part of the next Episode if we are succesful with the Kickstarter. For anyone my age Trevor and Simon were a part of growing up in Britain. Their sketches on Going Live and Live and Kicking were the most important part of a weekend and were an integral part of playground silliness during the week.

They are now starring in their own free to download comedy series Strangeness in Space which they wrote and funded through Kickstarter., but have very kindly agreed to play the parts of two very sinister fellows Bertram meets down by the docks as he hunts for the truth behind all those murderings that have been going on.

If that’s not enough to get excited and backing and sharing our campaign then you must need your noggin examined.



16 Oct 2015