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Huzzah! At long last we are able to say that Episode 2 is on its way!

After spending the last 6 months working in Dulsworth’s Soap Factory to try and make ends meet, I have managed to save up enough money to start developing Episode 2 – A Bleaker Predicklement. The story is written and we have begun to build scenes and design the characters. And I must say it’s looking very exciting!


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Episode 1 was the first game we ever made and we are incredibly proud of it, but we know we want to make this one even better. We learnt a lot from a Dreadly Business and have taken on board the comments from you, the players. Episode 2 will complete the Geoff the Murderer story (obviously, I’m not saying how…) but it will be more murdery, more mysteriousy with more choices and lots more suspicious characters. We’re planning on making this game longer and more involved and adding even more pun-believably bad jokes. Hopefully this Episode really will be the best Comedy Point and Click Adventure Game set in Victorian London you EVER play.

Help us to raise the extra funds we need to pay for our animators, game designers, background artists, chimney sweeps to go into full-time production. If all goes well we plan on releasing Episode 2 in September 2016. Please join us in making this Adventure happen!


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02 Oct 2015