Huzzah! The Adventures of Bertram Fiddle won the Best Narrative Award at the Tokyo Indie Fest held in Akihabara earlier this month. Shintaro and Ryosuke from Chorus Worldwide, who are publishing Bertram on mobile in Asia, took our game there and said we got a great response from everyone. And just check out the size of the actual MAGIC CRYSTAL we got!

I was a bit worried whether Bertram would work internationally -especially because so much of the humour is pun-based. Thank you to all the translators who have had to make my terrible word plays and dad-jokes work in another language and with different cultural references. I guess the popularity of other Victorian stories and British detectives helps as well. And everyone loves an idiot. But being recognised for narrative in Japan is especially pleasing as manga and story-based games are such a big part of the culture.

Chorus are releasing Bertram on iOS in Japan, China and Taiwan soon. They have also released localised versions of the very alluring Kitty Powers, excellent puzzle game the Secret of Raven Rock and are soon releasing Fireproof Games’ The Room 3 in Japan.

20 May 2015